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The BlackRainbow Ecosystem, NIMBUS, provides complete control and visibility to the full investigation lifecycle, supported with defensible evidence tracking, task management and reporting, all underpinned by compliance to the latest quality standards and procedures.


Our Mission is to Reduce the Investigation Lifecycle Through Intelligence, Efficiency & Integrity.

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Who we are

BlackRainbow was founded by a core group of time-served subject matter experts who had identified significant problems within the investigation industry and the technology built to serve it. We developed NIMBUS to address these issues, creating a versatile ecosystem, adaptable to various use cases.

Discover the NIMBUS Ecosystem

The NIMBUS ecosystem features 3 key elements – Nimbus Intelligence, Nimbus Investigator and Nimbus Forensics each can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Integrate these three elements to forge the Ultimate Investigation Platform.

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  • Intelligence

    The Smarts: NIMBUS Intelligence delivers a best-practice approach to intelligence management.

  • Investigator

    The Sleuth: NIMBUS Investigator is a comprehensive investigation lifecycle platform.

  • Forensics

    The Facts: NIMBUS Forensics is a comprehensive platform for forensic case management.

Add Total Control & Oversight to Any Investigation

How can NIMBUS transform your organisation?

Man Presenting NIMBUS Intelligence in Board Room

The Smarts of the NIMBUS Ecosystem

What is NIMBUS Intelligence?

NIMBUS Intelligence delivers a high-quality, best-practice approach to the management and development of intelligence within any investigative environment – providing an innovative solution to every stage of the intelligence cycle.

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Built by Investigators for Investigators

What is NIMBUS Investigator?

Investigator is a cutting-edge platform tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of investigators, designed to empower efficient execution and management of every facet of an investigation.

Scientist Using NIMBUS Forensics


What is NIMBUS Forensics?

Streamline investigations with our comprehensive Forensic Case Management platform. Organise evidence, streamline workflows, and collaborate seamlessly to solve cases faster. Empower your team with powerful tools designed for efficiency and accuracy.

Join 100K+ Worldwide Users


“Nimbus has been an absolute life saver for our unit, and we could not be happier with the software. I continually find new ways the software has assisted us in streamlining our processes.”

Dallas Police Department

“When looking at the other options during our procurement process NIMBUS was the only tool that fully met our needs and was capable of managing investigations, evidence, forensics, and ISO accreditation.”

Law Enforcement Customer

“Prior to having NIMBUS, all aspects of our investigations were recorded and managed across multiple solutions such as email, spreadsheets and on employees’ devices. Having NIMBUS allows up-to-date, accurate and auditable recording of casework which has been game changing.”

Global Financial Services Customer

“We have a much improved overview on the current status of each ongoing investigation. The management of some several thousand data objects would not be possible without NIMBUS. Additionally, NIMBUS helps us standardise the required steps during an investigation to gain reproducible results and even automate certain tasks and therefore reduce our workload.”

Law Enforcement Customer

“I would absolutely recommend NIMBUS to other organisations for the complete management of their investigations. NIMBUS achieves the best results through standardisation and alignment to our existing processes and procedures.”

Corporate Fraud Investigation Customer

Why Choose NIMBUS to Supercharge Your Investigation?

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of using the NIMBUS product suite to manage your entire digital forensics, intelligence and investigation lifecycle.

Case Efficiency From Inception to Conclusion

NIMBUS provides total control, transparency and oversight to any investigation.

Customisable Management Dashboards

See exactly what you need to with comprehensive, configurable, real-time dashboards.

Investigation Accountability & Visibility

Experience seamless collaboration with centralised control & remote access.

Fully Integrated Case & Quality Management

Validating users, methods, hardware, and software, ensuring compliance and proficiency within approved workflows and processes.

Defensible Audit Trails & Reporting

Evidence tracking, chain of custody & action management with full integrity and audit compliance.

Automated Operational Workflows

Transform standard operating procedures into automated workflows to streamline operations.

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