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An Innovative Solution to Every Stage of the Intelligence Cycle

NIMBUS Intelligence is an innovative solution to every stage of the intelligence cycle delivering high quality, best practice management of intelligence within any investigative environment.

NIMBUS Intelligence User

A Completely Seamless, Consistent Intelligence & Investigation Experience

NIMBUS Intelligence users can create and submit intelligence reports and record, store, develop and task activity as required. Intelligence can be submitted, sanitised, risk assessed, permissioned and disseminated within the cycle.

In addition, NIMBUS Intelligence has been designed to work in parallel with NIMBUS Investigator via a consistent, intuitive UI experience, so where cases develop from intelligence into full investigations, the transition is seamless between both product offerings.

  • Cross-product Functionality Designed to work seamlessly with NIMBUS Investigator & Forensics.
  • Efficiency & Integrity Built by experienced investigation & intelligence professionals.
  • A Seamless User Experience A consistent user interface across compatible products.
  • Aligning with Excellence Adhering to The College of Policing and FVEY intelligence Framework
  • Quality Assured Setting the industry standard for best practice and accuracy.
  • Fully Scalable Designed to handle simple to complex investigations.

Catch the Bad Guys Faster Why NIMBUS Intelligence?

Designed & Built by Experts

NIMBUS Intelligence draws upon our vast experience of investigation and intelligence professionals and subject matter experts, resulting in a solution that delivers efficiency, integrity and best practice to organisational processes. Investigators routinely use intelligence as a key tool in their investigative approach. Often, a single piece of intelligence will result in a large and complex investigation.

NIMBUS Intelligence Dashboard on Screen

The Business Case for Intelligence

There is a clear need for any organisation that conducts investigations to have the ability to manage intelligence. Describing the importance of intelligence, the UK’s National Crime Agency states: “Intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. An accurate intelligence picture allows us to effectively prioritise action against the greatest threats and deliver the maximum disruptive impact on serious organised crime.”

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A Best-in-Class Intelligence Tool

For any organisation to have an accurate picture of its intelligence gathering and analysis capability in order to glean actionable insights that inform all activity, it follows that the platform used must be industry-leading and in accordance with the highest possible standards.

A laptop running NIMBUS Intelligence

NIMBUS Intelligence is “the smarts” of the ecosystem enables scale, speed, efficiency and integrity across your intelligence gathering operations.

NIMBUS Intelligence

The Smarts of the NIMBUS Ecosystem

What is NIMBUS Intelligence?

NIMBUS Intelligence delivers a high-quality, best-practice approach to the management and development of intelligence within any investigative environment – providing an innovative solution to every stage of the intelligence cycle.

Woman Using NIMBUS Investigator on iPad

Built by Investigators for Investigators

What is NIMBUS Investigator?

Investigator is a cutting-edge platform tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of investigators, designed to empower efficient execution and management of every facet of an investigation.

Scientist Using NIMBUS Forensics


What is NIMBUS Forensics?

Streamline investigations with our comprehensive Forensic Case Management platform. Organise evidence, streamline workflows, and collaborate seamlessly to solve cases faster. Empower your team with powerful tools designed for efficiency and accuracy.

Who uses NIMBUS Intelligence?

NIMBUS Intelligence is aimed at frontline staff in any law enforcement or corporate investigation organization. Its users are likely to gather information that needs to be submitted for assessment where intelligence professionals then manage and task this data according to priorities. NIMBUS Intelligence provides a workspace for tasked intelligence to be developed by investigators, case managers, risk analysts and auditors.

Sector-specific NIMBUS Solutions

NIMBUS isn’t designed as a one-size-fits-all platform. Click below to find out how the NIMBUS ecosystem can be tailored to meet and exceed the individual digital forensics and investigation requirements of your sector and organisation.

  • Built for Law Enforcement

    Solve everyday case management problems surrounding integrity, efficiency, evidence tracking and more.

  • Built for Government

    Streamline complex investigations by harnessing governance, case and quality management.

  • Built for Corporate

    Unravel complexity with full disclosure review and digital case file production in a seamless, intuitive user interface.

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