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The BlackRainbow team has been at the forefront of complex investigative, intelligence and risk-intense environments for decades, designing and building cutting-edge, market-leading platforms and bespoke, real-time operating systems to control, monitor and manage all people, processes, technology, resources and most importantly, data, within the customer environment.


Our Mission is to Reduce the Investigation Lifecycle Through Intelligence, Efficiency & Integrity.

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What sets us apart

Why Choose BlackRainbow?

There are many reasons why you should choose to work with the expert team at BlackRainbow and why the NIMBUS ecosystem should be your go-to platform for case management and orchestration. Did you know, NIMBUS is the only case management tool with an integral quality management and orchestration capability?

01: A Comprehensive Enterprise Solution

The investigative case management market is very dysfunctional with siloed departments often not communicating making complex investigations difficult to navigate. NIMBUS solves this with the enterprise-level power to run local, regional or international offices.

02: Make Fast, Efficient Decisions

Due to the siloed nature of case management, current technologies are outdated and inefficient. Timely decision-making can be delayed in the most critical situations, but not with NIMBUS where efficiency and the user experience take top priority.

03: Defining the Standard

International standards such as ISO 17025 & ANSI/NCSL are dictating the standards required to run a forensic lab and security, intelligence and investigation centers. NIMBUS provides full accountability and integrity.

04: Professional Services

Our core team consists of subject matter experts including a UN advisor, high-profile investigation officers, forensic specialists and intelligence experts. Our engineering team offers advanced configuration, workflow and bespoke integrations to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated enablement team delivers custom-made, advanced training designed by ex-FBI trainers.

Accreditations & Certifications

Our Pedigree

Company History

In 5 short years, BlackRainbow achieved a reputation and customer base to fulfil our original vision of building ‘The Investigation Platform’. With our next-gen NIMBUS ecosystem, we’re setting our sights even higher…

In 2017, BlackRainbow was founded by a core group of time-served subject matter experts who had identified significant problems within the investigation industry and the technology built to serve it. Initially, our focus was on case management for the digital forensics market.

Over the next 6 years, we built the NIMBUS platform into a robust, all-encompassing forensic, intelligence and investigative ecosystem that addresses the primary problems identified and pulls surrounding disciplines and technologies into a management and orchestration engine that can be leveraged for multiple use cases.

Today, the BlackRainbow team has grown, and we are 100% committed to building a world-class, intuitive investigation platform to catch the bad guys faster. NIMBUS has been widely adopted by the law enforcement community in the UK and has gained recognition and praise from a rapidly growing user base across the globe.

The focus at BlackRainbow has always been on combining our unrivalled subject matter expertise with the latest technology to simplify the user experience across our entire product suite, creating truly bespoke, fully fit-for-purpose solutions with an intuitive user interface and endless capability.

We work in close collaboration with our customers, responding to feedback and specific requirements, to ensure our market-leading solutions are perfectly engineered to meet the challenges of the modern cybersecurity landscape. Like our NIMBUS products, BlackRainbow is always evolving.

Working with BlackRainbow

Meet the Team

We have 3 international offices spanning North America, Europe, and the UK.

At BlackRainbow, we work hard to ensure every member of our experienced global team understands the mission and purpose of what we do and more importantly, why we do it. Meet our senior management team here…

Dr. Jim Kent – CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Jim Kent

London, UK

Jim has more than 30 years of experience as a senior digital forensic investigator, information security...

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Morgan Sheehy – Co-Founder

Morgan Sheehy


Morgan is a visionary co-founder in the software industry, known for leading successful tech startups...

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John Carroll – Chief Operating Officer in Business Operations

John Carroll

Cork, Ireland

Experience in all areas of business including Finance, Operations, Sales, Reporting, Planning and Delivery

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Nikki Moscrop – Chief Revenue Officer in Sales

Nikki Moscrop

London, UK

Nikki is an experienced professional in account and operations management, boasting a proven track record...

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Matt Bonner – Head of Investigation Technology

Matt Bonner

Greater Oxford, UK

Matt is the Head of Investigation Technology at Black Rainbow Group, where he leads the...

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Larry Depew – Chief Strategy Officer North America

Larry Depew

Florida, US

Larry has more than 45 years of law enforcement and digital forensics experience in the...

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Carl Barron – Chief Solutions Officer in Solution Delivery

Carl Barron

London, UK

Carl is an experienced consultant in the digital forensics, security & eDiscovery field. Carl is...

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