Investigation Control

NIMBUS provides total control and oversight to any investigation allowing USERS, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY to seamlessly work together within the connected fabric of THE INVESTIGATION PLATFORM.

Explore the core NIMBUS modules.

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Explore the modules

Case Management

Digital & Traditional case management

Solving everyday case management problems surrounding integrity, efficiency, evidence tracking, asset management, full management reporting and by combing solutions into a simple and intuitive user experience seamlessly integrating with all NIMBUS modules.

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Case Management

Packed with features including:

  • Management dashboards

  • Fully audited

  • Secured by roles & permissions

  • Portal submissions

  • Cases / operations

  • Forensic submissions

  • Request queues

  • Exhibit management & chain of custody tracking

  • Contemporaneous notes

  • and more

Orchestration & Automation

Orchestration & Automation Platform

Visually digitise standard operating procedures, lab workflows or any playbook with ease allowing integration with forensic technologies, digital or traditional or external data sources. Orchestrate multiple automations, queue, prioritise, status controlled, workflow within workflow fully audited and reportable.

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Orchestration & Automation

Packed with features including:

  • Visual workflow builder

  • Digitise standard operating procedures

  • Build in draft, certify, release to general use

  • Unit sustainability

  • Repeatable outcomes

  • Unlimited workflows

  • Chain workflows within workflow

  • Prioritise, pause and queue

  • Integrate with leading forensic tools

  • and more