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Proactive, reactive and crime in action – SJUK July 2024 with Matt Bonner, Head of Investigation Technology at BlackRainbow, explores the different types of investigations that face investigators and asks,are they really all that...

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Thought Leadership 27 June 2024

Proactive, reactive and crime in action – SJUK July 2024

A brief overview of NIMBUS, the next-generation Intelligence, Investigator and Forensics management system from BlackRainbow.

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Downloads 24 April 2024

NIMBUS Brochure April 2024

BlackRainbow is pleased to introduce the NIMBUS Platform, a comprehensive Intelligence, Investigation, Management & Orchestration solution that revolutionizes investigations and risk mitigation.

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Videos 15 July 2023

An Introduction to the NIMBUS Ecosystem

A brief overview of the NIMBUS ecosystem – the next-generation investigation and intelligence management platform from BlackRainbow.

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Downloads 11 July 2023

NIMBUS Brochure July 2023

NIMBUS integrates multiple data sources, investigative information, forensic analysis results, lessons learned, OSINT, and more to facilitate information sharing and collaboration across the enterprise.

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Videos 1 June 2023

NIMBUS Fusion Center Platform

Retired Met Detective Superintendent Matt Bonner speaks about his career in policing, new role as Head of Investigation Technology at BlackRainbow and the launch of NIMBUS Investigator.

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Thought Leadership 19 March 2023

The Innovative Investigator

SJA takes a look at law enforcement in the Americas and how physical and cyber spaces create a new dimension to protect. This month’s Special Report on the topic of Law Enforcement was produced...

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Thought Leadership 4 March 2023

The Evolving Challenges Facing Today’s Detectives

In this Security Journal UK article, Dr James Kent, CEO and Co-Founder of BlackRainbow, explains how the company’s products are revolutionising case management.

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Thought Leadership 17 January 2023

How NIMBUS Revolutionises Case Management

A brief overview of NIMBUS for Corporate applications – the next-generation investigations management system from BlackRainbow.

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Downloads 11 February 2022

NIMBUS Corporate Brochure February 2022

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