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The NIMBUS ecosystem, shaped by government partnerships and expert input, delivers transformative technology for government needs in intelligence, investigations, forensics, and quality management.

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Next level technology for the Government Sector

The NIMBUS ecosystem showcases adaptability across a spectrum of applications, encompassing intelligence, investigations, forensics and quality management across various market sectors.

Building on the momentum gained globally, the expansion into the Government Market was a logical step forward. Regulatory bodies, tax and financial authorities, as well as competition regulators, typically align with the proven practices established by law enforcement. This alignment extends to the technologies utilised.

There is frequent cooperation and enhanced collaboration with law enforcement agencies, making NIMBUS a compelling option for facilitating data exchange and driving significant efficiency gains.

  • Automated Operational Workflows: Transform standard operating procedures into automated workflows to streamline operations.
  • Case Efficiency From Inception to Conclusion: NIMBUS provides total control, transparency and oversight to any investigation.
  • Defensible Audit Trails & Reporting: Evidence tracking, chain of custody & action management with full integrity and audit compliance.
  • Fully Integrated Case & Quality Management: Validating users, methods, hardware, and software, ensuring compliance and proficiency within approved workflows and processes.
  • Customisable Management Dashboards: See exactly what you need to with comprehensive, configurable, real-time dashboards.
  • Investigation Accountability & Visibility: Experience seamless collaboration with centralised control & remote access.
NIMBUS Intelligence

The Smarts of the NIMBUS Ecosystem

What is NIMBUS Intelligence?

NIMBUS Intelligence delivers a high-quality, best-practice approach to the management and development of intelligence within any investigative environment – providing an innovative solution to every stage of the intelligence cycle.

Woman Using NIMBUS Investigator on iPad

Built by Investigators for Investigators

What is NIMBUS Investigator?

Investigator is a cutting-edge platform tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of investigators, designed to empower efficient execution and management of every facet of an investigation.

Scientist Using NIMBUS Forensics


What is NIMBUS Forensics?

Streamline investigations with our comprehensive Forensic Case Management platform. Organise evidence, streamline workflows, and collaborate seamlessly to solve cases faster. Empower your team with powerful tools designed for efficiency and accuracy.

Sector Specific Case Studies

Here you’ll find a selection of Government organisations we’ve worked with to create a fully bespoke NIMBUS security solution.

“Prior to having NIMBUS, all aspects of our investigations were recorded and managed across multiple solutions such as email, spreadsheets and on employees’ devices. Having NIMBUS allows up-to-date, accurate and auditable recording of casework which has been game changing.” Global Financial Services Customer

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