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  THE EMERGENCY SERVICES SHOW Engage with ground-breaking innovations at the UK's premier emergency services event, where technology and learning propel emergency response and public safety forward. ▶ Connect with 16,000+ fellow blue light...

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UK Events

Emergency Services Show – The Tech Show

Matt Bonner is the head of Investigation Technology at BlackRainbow. In this article, Matt explores the different types of investigations that face investigators and asks are they really all that different?     Investigations...

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27 June 2024

Proactive, Reactive and Crime in Action – Are they really all that different?

A brief overview of NIMBUS, the next-generation Intelligence, Investigator and Forensics management system from BlackRainbow.   View the Brochure: 20272_NIMBUS_BROCHURE_MAR_2024_006_B_UK_WEB

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24 April 2024

NIMBUS Brochure April 2024

Forensic investigation is often glamourised in popular media, depicted as a seamless process where evidence neatly falls into place, leading to swift resolutions. Of course, the reality is far more complex. The realm of...

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15 April 2024

Navigating the Labyrinth of Forensic Investigations: Challenges and Solutions – By Matt Bonner

Missing Person's conference An online conference that examines contemporary best practice and challenges around the investigation of missing persons, particularly in relation to risk management and decision making. A must attend event for investigators...

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Online Events

Missing Person’s Conference

IACP Conference The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition is the largest and most impactful law enforcement event of the year – more than 16,000 public safety professionals come...

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In late 2002, as a new Special Agent for the U.S. Customs Service, I was in front of a typewriter. As a kid growing up in the 1980s, I'd used one before, but it...

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11 April 2024

Outdated Systems, New Threats: The Urgency of Closing the Law Enforcement Tech Gap

IACIS Training Conference   For more information please visit:  

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US Events

IACIS Training Conference

Matt Bonner is the Head of Investigation Technology at Black Rainbow. He brings a wealth of experience to the role gained as a Senior Investigating Officer responsible for the investigation of homicide, suspicious deaths...

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18 December 2023

Time for change

Top Stories

We're very proud to announce that BlackRainbow has been recognized by a panel of experts as one of the Top 10 Digital Forensics Providers in 2022 for delivering unparalleled quality, excellence and innovation. Each...

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Company News Press Release 20 December 2022

BlackRainbow Awarded Top 10 Digital Forensics Providers

The BlackRainbow Group is fully committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030. To that end, we are actively monitoring our 'Baseline Emissions Footprint'. Baseline emissions are a record of the greenhouse gases that...

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Company News 10 January 2023

BlackRainbow Announces Carbon Reduction Plan

We're very pleased to announce that BlackRainbow has just joined the marketplace as a 'Lot 2: Cloud software' supplier for our NIMBUS case, investigation and quality management platform. This is a significant milestone...

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Company News 19 June 2019

BlackRainbow Joins GOV.UK Digital Marketplace

Nikki Moscrop, Head of Law Enforcement & Government of BlackRainbow talks about how a modern intelligent solution assists with a collaborative approach to modern-day policing. There are endless challenges that Senior Investigating Officers are...

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Blog 9 August 2023

Modern Technology is Needed to Streamline Complex Investigations

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