Case StudiesWho uses NIMBUS

Here is an example cross-section of our global customer base showing how these organizations are using the NIMBUS ecosystem to solve their investigation and intelligence management challenges.

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“Nimbus has been an absolute life saver for our unit, and we could not be happier with the software. I continually find new ways the software has assisted us in streamlining our processes.”

Dallas Police Department

“When looking at the other options during our procurement process NIMBUS was the only tool that fully met our needs and was capable of managing investigations, evidence, forensics, and ISO accreditation.”

Law Enforcement Customer

“Prior to having NIMBUS, all aspects of our investigations were recorded and managed across multiple solutions such as email, spreadsheets and on employees’ devices. Having NIMBUS allows up-to-date, accurate and auditable recording of casework which has been game changing.”

Global Financial Services Customer

“We have a much improved overview on the current status of each ongoing investigation. The management of some several thousand data objects would not be possible without NIMBUS. Additionally, NIMBUS helps us standardise the required steps during an investigation to gain reproducible results and even automate certain tasks and therefore reduce our workload.”

Law Enforcement Customer

“I would absolutely recommend NIMBUS to other organisations for the complete management of their investigations. NIMBUS achieves the best results through standardisation and alignment to our existing processes and procedures.”

Corporate Fraud Investigation Customer

Sector-specific NIMBUS Solutions

NIMBUS isn’t designed as a one-size-fits-all platform. Click below to find out how the NIMBUS ecosystem can be tailored to meet and exceed the individual digital forensics and investigation requirements of your sector and organisation.

  • Built for Law Enforcement

    Solve everyday case management problems surrounding integrity, efficiency, evidence tracking and more.

  • Built for Government

    Streamline complex investigations by harnessing governance, case and quality management.

  • Built for Corporate

    Unravel complexity with full disclosure review and digital case file production in a seamless, intuitive user interface.

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