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9th National Analyst’s Conference If you are a crime and intelligence analyst then you can’t afford to miss this two day event that provides all the latest thinking in the world of analysis that...

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National Analyst’s Conference

National Cyber Crime Conference The 2024 National Cyber Crime Conference will be held from April 23 through April 25. The event will feature hundreds of sessions on diverse digital evidence and cybercrime topics delivered by...

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National Cyber Crimes Conference

The word with….. Matt Swenson, Chief Product Officer of Black Rainbow explains how the company is tackling Data Fusion. 01: Can you tell us a little bit about you and why you joined BR?...

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Blog 16 September 2023

The word with… Matt Swenson, Chief Product Officer

Nikki Moscrop, Head of Law Enforcement & Government of BlackRainbow talks about how a modern intelligent solution assists with a collaborative approach to modern-day policing. There are endless challenges that Senior Investigating Officers are...

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Blog 9 August 2023

Modern Technology is Needed to Streamline Complex Investigations

The Head of Law Enforcement and Government for UK and Europe at BlackRainbow, Nikki Moscrop, explains how marketing and customer engagement are vital in supporting our business operations. As a young girl growing up...

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Blog 22 June 2023

Why Customer Engagement is Vital to BlackRainbow

Stimulate the future with Modern technology! By Nikki Moscrop, Head of Law Enforcement and Government Division talks about how an intelligent solution assists with a collaborative approach to modern day policing. There are endless...

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Blog 20 May 2023

Stimulate the Future with Modern Technology!

The Head of Technology and Innovation at BlackRainbow Carl Barron outlines the importance of providing cutting-edge solutions that meet current and future policing challenges. Here we talk to Carl about his role in the...

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Blog 20 March 2023

Meeting Current & Future Policing Challenges with Technology

In 1829, the then Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Sir Robert Peel formed the Metropolitan Police Service. The formation of an organized Police Service and later a detective branch within that service was...

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Blog 9 February 2023

The evolving challenges facing today’s detectives.

Quality Management is a non-negotiable aspect of today’s investigations, Sarah Allen, Head of Organisational Development, Quality and Forensic Science at BlackRainbow, explains how the NIMBUS integrated case and quality management system helps underpin this...

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Blog 20 September 2022

It’s Time to Rethink Quality

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