Chief Strategy Officer North America Larry Depew

Larry has more than 45 years of law enforcement and digital forensics experience in the FBI and as a consultant to both government and Fortune 500 companies. His initial exposure to BlackRainbow was as a consultant conducting a case management system RFP wherein the NIMBUS application was being considered.

After NIMBUS was chosen, Larry spent many hours performing UAT. Through his consultancy with several other organizations, BlackRainbow proved to be a leader in the case management system space. It was at that time that BlackRainbow offered Larry a position as Chief Strategy Officer for North America due to his experience with NIMBUS and standing in the digital forensics’ community.

Updates from Larry Depew

20 December 2022

BlackRainbow Awarded Top 10 Digital Forensics Providers

We're very proud to announce that BlackRainbow has been recognized by a panel of experts as one of the Top 10 Digital Forensics Providers in 2022 for delivering unparalleled quality, excellence and innovation. Each...

Videos 15 July 2023

An Introduction to the NIMBUS Ecosystem

BlackRainbow is pleased to introduce the NIMBUS Platform, a comprehensive Intelligence, Investigation, Management & Orchestration solution that revolutionizes investigations and risk mitigation.

20 September 2022

It’s Time to Rethink Quality

Quality Management is a non-negotiable aspect of today’s investigations, Sarah Allen, Head of Organisational Development, Quality and Forensic Science at BlackRainbow, explains how the NIMBUS integrated case and quality management system helps underpin this...

Downloads 5 November 2020

NIMBUS Overview Datasheet

A brief overview of NIMBUS, the next-generation investigations management system from BlackRainbow.

Videos 19 November 2021

NIMBUS for Complex Investigations

Find out how the NIMBUS ecosystem empowers users to manage complex investigation lifecycles.

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