The last word with… Dr James Kent, CEO and Co-founder

Date: 16 April 2022 Author: Ffion Kent Read Time: 2 mins

The last word with…..
Dr James Kent, CEO and Co-founder of Black Rainbow, explains how the company’s products are revolutionising investigation management

Jim Kent

01: Could you tell us about Black Rainbow and your NIMBUS software?

We were formed in 2017 and re-invented complex case investigation and evidence management to solve inefficiencies and manage risks faced in Law Enforcement, Government, and Corporate Sectors. The team have worked as, and with, investigators in over forty countries over the past three decades to understand investigators’ challenges.

This area of investigative case management was completely underinvested and underserved in terms of user requirements, product development, and innovation for many years. NIMBUS is the first and only integrated case investigation, evidence, and quality management system to service the market.

NIMBUS has been adopted by organisations across a multitude of industries, all to solve the common problem of effectively managing, recording, and reporting on investigations. Through NIMBUS scalable and adaptive framework, NIMBUS can support multi-discipline teams and their individual investigation use cases, be that Fraud, Theft of Intellectual Property, Anti-Piracy, or criminal offences such as Drugs, Murders, Crimes against Children. All while providing a centralised system to record and store all investigations, enabling increased visibility, continuity, and simpler generation of management information and instant search.

02: How can NIMBUS help companies and organizations in the Americas?

We are streamlining the way investigations have previously been managed by providing a solution which is configurable and agile enough to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges. Organisations are no longer dependent on spreadsheets, unsupported open source, or siloed systems for their investigation management requirements. NIMBUS provides complete control and visibility of the full investigation lifecycle, supported with defensible evidence tracking, task management and reporting, all underpinned by compliance to latest quality standards and procedures.

NIMBUS provides a centralised platform for all stakeholders to work in, helping investigation teams to deliver efficiencies when creating and managing all types of investigations within the organisation. One of the most important aspects of NIMBUS, alongside the numerous capabilities, is that the disclosure process is built in, and every bit of information is recorded in a co-ordinated way enabling investigators to see the bigger picture and be provided with an effective and defensible audit trail.

03: How does Black Rainbow differ from other security software providers?

What separates us from others in the market is that we were formed with the sole strategic intent of bringing a modern, intuitive, and innovative solution to market with our mission, to reduce the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency, and integrity. Our NIMBUS solution is the first integrated investigation case and quality management system available to the investigation and intelligence market.

04: What are your plans for the future within the Americas?

To complement our current Americas customers the next phase for Black Rainbow is further growth and resilience to meet the market evolution. Our mantra has always been about providing usable technology to the industry we have all worked and served in for many years. As a team, Black Rainbow genuinely want to help and make a difference to how we all go about our daily work and continue to engage with our customers and focus groups to enhance NIMBUS at every step.

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